Collabinate provides an API for hosted activity streams, helping you to build social feeds, microblogs, and collaboration directly into your app.

How It Works

Post To Streams
Streams are information about the things that matter in your software. People share updates, documents change status, events have photos posted. Have your app post the activities your users are interested in.
Users Follow Things
Your users can follow anything they’re interested in that has a stream. This can be friending another user, or tracking a document. Let your users decide what information is important.
Users Get Feeds
Pull back the combined streams of the information each user cares about. Users can discuss activities by commenting, or show their interest by liking something. Just like Facebook or Twitter.



$ 499 /month
  • Unlimited Reads
  • 2 Million Updates
  • $0.0002 Per Extra Update
  • 12K Calls Per Minute Burst
  • 24×7 Telephone Support


$ 199 /month
  • Unlimited Reads
  • 500,000 Updates
  • $0.0003 Per Extra Update
  • 3000 Calls Per Minute Burst
  • Telephone Support


$ 49 /month
  • Unlimited Reads
  • 100,000 Updates
  • $0.0006 Per Extra Update
  • 600 Calls Per Minute Burst
  • Email Support


$ 0 /month
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Pay Only for What You Use
  • $0.02 Per API Call
  • 60 Calls Per Minute Burst
  • Email Support

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What They’re Saying

A solution to the social graph problem is not something that can easily be built in a way that scales favorably with the number of users on the network. Offloading this functionality to Collabinate saved a huge amount of time.
Sabatino DeRico | Parse3
When employees are able to chat, share information, identify specialists, get recommendations, and find the right answers to their questions directly within the context of their work, they’ll quickly become smarter, more responsive, and more productive. It will be clear who’s participating and contributing, just as it is on social-media sites today.
Michael Biltz | Accenture
The most powerful applications of social technologies in the global economy are largely untapped. Companies will go on developing ways to reach consumers through social technologies, Yet twice as much potential value lies in using social tools to enhance communications, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.
Michael Chui | McKinsey